The Power of ‘Your Best Year’ Vision

Last week, I sat down and crafted what was needed for 2020 to be my best year ever. Looking at my previous best years, I realized that I wanted an amazing summer of adventure and travel with my kids: road trips, shore-time, and camping. I can work from anywhere and my kids can go to camp anywhere, so why not take advantage? Last week, a well-known startup accelerator asked me to apply to their summer program. Normally, I would have spent days torn on what to do. (Yes! No! Agh

Own It

Recently I had dinner with Emeka Ofodile, VP of Marketing at ESPN, who coined the phrase "work-life ownership." I love this. Ownership is empowering. You can’t expect your company to hand you balance. You need to claim it for yourself. I found this to be true in my own life. At Google, for years, I had no balance. Then I realized I set these unreasonable expectations myself. I decided to ask for what I needed. No work late at night, minimal meetings in the mornings when I was

Normalize Balance

I've started emailing my weekly priorities and fuck yeahs to my team each Monday. This week, I almost removed this one: "Caught myself feeling burned out on Monday, so took the afternoon off. This is huge progress for me." But, this was the most important achievement on my list. Yes, we all need to take care of ourselves, but we also, as managers, need to normalize behaviors we want people to take. Tell your team that you are late because of a school event. Tell them when you

Beyond balance

Lately, I've been doing a bunch of experimenting with balance. For me, balance is so much more than work and life. I've been working on the tension between: Analog and digital: Am I spending enough time completely disconnected? Male and female energy: Am I being intuitive and asking myself what I need now versus just powering through? Self and others: Am I giving myself time to reflect and "do me" versus giving all the time? Planned and spontaneity: Do I allow the space for l

Stand on One Foot

Humor me. Stand on one leg. Close your eyes. Notice what happens. Here's what I experience: To stay in balance, it's constant work. You have to make hundreds of micro-adjustments. It's most comfortable when I align my body, so the bones support me, instead of my muscles. I love this analogy for that elusive work/life balance that we seek. It's the same: Constant adjustments and work.  Also, everything is easier when things are in alignment with your 'bones' of good routines a