What’s that feeling telling you?

I’ve been feeling all the feelings recently. I’ve been scared about the future, angry about people’s disregard for the virus and sad, grieving the loss of normalcy. Our emotions are little radars designed to get us to examine parts of our lives and act: Anger highlights the boundaries we want to create or something we want to stop. Fear causes us to pay attention to something or wake up. Sadness is a signal that we need to let something go. So today, feel those feelings and t

Shit, this is hard

Last week, I had a wake-up call. Due to stress, I had stopped being anywhere close to my best self. I was snapping at my co-founder and unable to be present with my family.  I realized that the number one thing I can do each day — more than worrying about my kid’s education or my never-ending todo list — was to do whatever it took to make sure I showed up fully each day.  I meditated for an hour each on Friday and Saturday until my break stopped being a tightly wound spring

The Rise of Visible Parenting

I know now has been hard. But, the workplace is changing forever, and I believe for the better for working parents. WFH and flexibility will be a norm. And, even more importantly we’re seeing the rise of visible parenting. Before it was common to not bring up your home job at your workplace. But, in today’s climate, it’s hard not to. Kids are bombing Zooms. Working times are shifting to accommodate home schooling. People are seeing first-hand just how hard it is for you to ju

Take those vitamins

In case you haven't heard, new studies are showing that Vitamin D deficiency has a significant correlation with COVID deaths.  So much has been focused on preventing the spread when we also need to look at increasing our immunity.  Check out these stats: A study in Indonesia found that out of the patients that died from COVID-19, 98.9% of them were deficient in vitamin D, while only 4% of the patients with sufficient vitamin D died. A study of patients in New Orleans found t

Check-in with your team (and yourself)

For me, the past few weeks have felt like years. Each day brings a new set of challenges and emotions. I know I’m not the only one. Here are a couple of questions that you can check in on your team, family, or friends to kick off conversations or meetings: On a scale of 1 to 10, how are you doing? What’s one word to describe how you are feeling right now? In times like this, don’t assume anything. Ask — and ask often. #self-awareness #reflection #covid19 #career

Your FFT

Brene Brown just launched her new podcast, Unlocking Us. Her first episode was about FFT’s — Fucking First Times — how everything is so much harder the first time you do it. Guess what? We are all going through one big giant FFT with this whole homeschooling while WFH fiasco. Here are her tips to make FFT’s a little less painful Name it. Just recognizing that this is a FFT (and will suck) helps. Name all the feelings. That gives you power over them. Gain perspective. This cr

Involve your kids in running the house

With now working two full-time jobs, I’ve turned housework into a family affair. Here are some ideas that are working this week: Straighten at the end of each day. Before dinner, our kids watch a TV show, but before they can, they need to clean their rooms and play spaces. That way, every day starts afresh. Find simple recipes they can make. My four year old just made family breakfast by himself (a simple french toast casserole). Chloe made pizza from scratch (including the d

What is this an opportunity for?

Now that you are adjusting a bit to your new normal, it’s a time to ask yourself — ‘How do I want to be different after all of this?’ I’ll go first. I want to . . . Teach Chloe to code and cook Have an amazing garden Tighten up my nutrition Be closer to my friends in other cities Be closer to Joe Appreciate simple things, like hikes and just cuddle with kids The world will surely be different. How will you? #covid19 #reframing #mindset

An easy way to view all the live kid’s classes

I’ve been overwhelmed by the number of live classes out there and can’t keep track anymore. So, we took this fantastic from the family activity site, Happy.ly, and created a day-by-day schedule for you. Some of our favorites: Lunch Doodle’s with Mo Willems Cincinnati Zoo’s Live Facebook Safari Singalong with Emily Arrow See the schedule Now, you can quickly access activities in those in-the-moment emergencies. Anything we can do to make this time easier . . . #momhacks #covid

How to support your working parents through this crisis

Working parents are being hit hard. They are managing their team at home and their team at work — all at once. Here are our best tips for supporting them: Be flexible with hours. Help them work around their family, now that home is both an office and a makeshift playground. Tell them that it’s OK to make up time early in the AM, at night or on the weekends. Move to deadline-based work, as much as possible, versus facetime expectations. Rethink meetings. Meetings are hardest f

Feel the fear

Given the uncertainty of the world right now, I wanted to share this past post . . . Here is a practice I try to do daily. I close my eyes and focus on my breath for a few minutes to still my mind. Then I ask myself, “What am I resisting most in my life right now?” Waves of emotions come. I name them and then sit with them. Once they die down, I ask myself the question again to get a new wave. 95% of the time, my waves are some version of fear. It’s intense and uncomfortable.

Can you innovate?

Times of crisis can also be times of great innovation. Look around: Concerts have gone virtual, restaurants have pivoted, entire college campuses have shifted to online learning. What if your rulebook were thrown out, too? Now that the dust is settling a bit . . . Have a brainstorm with your team on new ways of doing things and new opportunities. Can your business be even stronger than before? #covid19 #business #leadership

Systems thinking

Your focus last week was surviving. (Congrats, you made it.) This week your focus should be systems. You want to move out of taking it day-by-day to create systems and routines that you can reuse. Otherwise, you will always feel like you are drowning. Here is what I mean by system thinking: How can you get help? Help can look like babysitters over hangouts, making your partner be a true partner, or expanding your family unit to one more family that you trust to be social dist