Just Another Beautiful Family

Last week life coach and mom of five, Katherine North, took over our Instagram stories for a day showing a day in the  life of a working mom. You can see the stories here. She ended by sharing her family’s documentary. It’s beautiful, telling the story of her husband realizing he was transgender and transitioning. Take a few moments today to watch and be grateful that we live in a world where we can celebrate families of all types. My heart feels so full of love. Thanks

What Do You Remember About Your Mom?

When you think back about your childhood, what do you remember about your mom? My mom was my biggest cheerleader. She told me that I could do anything, and I believed her (still do). She also started a successful political career after over a decade of being at home. It’s no wonder that starting a company in my forties didn’t feel daunting. I don’t remember the little things. I remember how she made me feel. How about you? #family


Does this sound familiar? You kick ass at planning your work-life with quarterly, weekly, even daily plans in place. Then you go home and just wing it. What if you took even 10% of the rigor you spent on your work planning toward your personal life. Trust me, it can be fun. Close your eyes and daydream for a few minutes. In the next few months... What do you want to learn? What do you want to experience? Who do you want to see? What memories do you want to create with your

Give the Gift of Stories

I recently gave my mom a gift she loves—Storyworth. Each week the service emails you a prompt to write a short story on. The reflection gets emailed to your family, and at the end of a year, Storyworth mails you a book compiling all 52 stories. I look forward to the weekly insight into her life. She loves digging through old photos and reminiscing. Who knew that my mom's great-grandmother was part native American and lived without running water? It's indeed the gift that keep

I Know You Will Figure This Out

At the start of this week, I was having a hard time. I’m leaving Google next week and self doubt crept in. My husband Joe handled the Kari stress-ball so well. He listened (without trying to solve my issues), and just added, “Kari, I know you will figure this out.” He struck the perfect balance between empowering and supporting me. I knew I wasn’t in this alone, but I also had someone who truly believed that I had the power to solve my own problems. So, I give this you. Next