Make It Fun

So the big day is tomorrow: Chloe's 5th birthday party. It's princess tea party themed, of course. We've had so much fun planning this party. Here are some tips for making your party planning an energizing experience: Involve them in the process. Chloe picked the theme. We poured over Oriental Trading to pick the right favors and activities together. She even helped make the cake. Go all in. All of the kids are dressing up as princesses, so I bit the bullet and bought an adul

Watch The Plants Grow

Honestly, I've been a bit down over the past week. Starting a business is a roller coaster: I am fighting my perfectionist nature to fail early and often. I am always putting myself out there. Being a founder is lonely in a way I could have never had imagined. None of my go-to pick-me-ups worked. I did a digital detox, went on date night, wrote in my journal, exercised and meditated. But, I still feel drained, distracted and sad. Then sweet Chloe asked me, "Mommy, do you want

Preventing Family Blow-ups

The holidays breed family drama. One dinner as a kid had my cousin swinging at my Uncle. Eek! Repeat after me: You cannot control anyone else. You can only control your response. Here are some tips to help make sure your response doesn't lead to regret. Have realistic expectations. If Uncle Marvin makes rude comments every year, assume this will happen again. It will sting less if you accept it as inevitable. Be grateful. As hard as this may sound, think of three things that

Up Your Holiday Conversation Game

One of the best parts of the holidays is connecting with dear friends and family.  But, reality is often small talk versus truly deep connections. Upping your conversation game can not only make you happier, but one study showed that knowing the history around your family was the single biggest predictor of children's emotional health and happiness.  Take charge of your holiday conversations: At meals: One conversation at a time is the single biggest change you could make to

Kids Meditation

1 Minute Meditations for Kids One of my favorite mom-hacks is Headspace's kid meditations. They take 1 minute and are adorable. "Take your favorite stuff animal,  put it on your chest, watch it move up and down." Personally medtiation has had the biggest impact on my life of any of the healthy habits I've adopted. I understand what being present means, and my head does not swirl in thoughts overthinking life constantly. (I mean, I still overthink things, but no where close to

Don't Wait Until Retirement

During my first pregnancy, my dad was diagnosed with cancer and died a few weeks after Chloe’s birth. The most heartbreaking photo of this time was his retirement party. My dad had always idealized retirement. Work hard now, play later.  He was a workaholic (a tendency that I’m constantly fighting as well). He enjoyed life, but retirement! He planned on traveling 6 weeks a year to see grandchildren and have tons of adventures. This never happened. The year he planned to retir

Create a Confetti Drawer

I am obsessed with this talk by Tina Roth Eisenberg, the founder of Tattly and Creative Mornings. Her story is a beacon of having kids making you better at work and life. I love her emphasis on play and fun. I can get too serious and driven, so have been actively working on being more playful. (Even that sounds not fun - help!) She adds little bits of unexpected joy all throughout her product and company: The ability to sort her site by 'rainbow'. A costume box, so you can dr

Create Family Traditions

Maybe it’s because I just saw the new Olaf short film (which I embarrassingly cried during), but I’ve been thinking about what traditions I want to bring to my family. My sister inspired me when she started her family birthday tradition: the birthday boy or girl has to eat their slice of cake with no hands. This face plant into sweets leads to tons of messy laughs. Traditions are so important to families. Research shows that simple rituals increase feelings of togetherness an

Stop Light Dance Parties

I’m a huge fan of celebrating micro-moments — cherishing the everyday moments and making them special.  My kids and I have ‘stop light dance parties’ during our commute. Each morning we blast our favorite dance music and break out the moves at each stop light, turning something stressful into one of my favorite parts of the day. Our lives are filled with many more micro-moments than grand ones. The power of them really hit me when I watched Gretchen Rubin’s “The Years are Sho

Painless Mornings

The biggest improvement to my mornings has been instituting a tip from my kid’s pre-school: Have them do what you want them to do before they get to do what they want to do. Here it is in action: Normally, we put on an episode of TV for the kids while we get ready in the morning. My kids love it. (Probably too much, but that is a topic for another post.). Our new rule: no TV until you are completely dressed. This has transformed our mornings.  Instead of having to fight my 4