Be Specific When Offering Help

Got a great tip this week from Gretchen Rubin’s Happier podcast: be specific when offering help. Often when you need help the most, you don’t have the energy to even think about the help you need.  (Think back to those first few weeks of motherhood). So when someone asks what help you need, they are just creating more work. When you want to give help, be specific: I can drop off dinner on Tuesday. Does that work? I’m in Target right now. What can I pick up for you? I know you

Cultivate Weak Ties

I get it. You’re busy. Who has time for small-chat with the barista as you rush off to work? But it’s worth it. Those few minutes of interactions with your weak ties (such as that barista, the moms at pick-up, or your yoga instructor) have been scientifically shown to boost your happiness just as much as time with close friends and family. Weak ties create a feeling community, making us feel like we belong. And, studies show that interacting with casual acquaintances opens

Friend Dates without a Sitter

This week I had a lovely evening catching up with a friend. The best part? We did it without sitters or even having to brave the snowy DC weather. We had a 'hangout date.' She drank bubbly. I drank tea (since it was still dry January). And, we caught up on life all through the magic of video conference. This week, step away from your work email and invite a friend you've been meaning to catch up with, better yet, a friend from out of town, on a virtual date. Make hangi

Girl Power

I just landed after three days in the woods with 100 incredible women at the Chairman Mom Flee. The highlight? Ten CEOs and investors crowded around my little Chromebook on a rustic picnic table tearing my new investor pitch to shreds. It felt amazing. They truly cared. Every suggestion was a little buttress of support. In a world where only 6% of VC money goes to women founders, we are in this battle together. I realized how starved I was for intergenerational female friends