What’s your version of mini-storage?

After Rowan was born, I made huge life shifts, including leaving Google and starting Uplift. I lost 45 pounds, collaborated with Jeff Koons, started meditating, and just plain enjoyed life. But, it all started with mini-storage. I was living in a small, NYC apartment, and we had a large storage unit off-site. As a working mom, my life was crazy, and I hated the management of ‘stuff’ that the unit entailed, moving things in and out of storage. On mat leave, I read The Life Cha

Live Your Mission

When listening to Reid Hoffman’s recent interview of Ariana Huffington on his podcast, Masters of Scale, I was impressed. Her company, Thrive, wove its mission to help prevent burnout throughout their company culture. Employees can take rests in nap pods throughout the day. When they have a grueling period at work, they can take a “Thrive Day” to recharge. Using Machine Learning, they measure whether a call center call was particularly negative and follow it with a call with