Reduce Your Mental Load

I don't know about you, but I feel like my mind is a never-ending checklist. Just this morning, I had to remember to dress the kids up for "Art Night," give Chloe the right medicine, place an online grocery order, arrange sitting a parent social, pack suits for swim class, and prep a dish for a potluck. That was all before 8. Just writing that list makes me exhausted. This week, I'm going to give tips on how to reduce this mental load. Today: make scheduling childcare easier:

Help on Tap

I'm a huge fan of outsourcing. This help allows me to dedicate my time where it counts - on my business and with my family. However, sometimes finding help can feel like a job in itself. That's why I've been loving Task Rabbit. When I see myself in-over-my-head with a project, I can get on-demand help with a few clicks. I usually try Last weekend, we hired one to install my steel edging and fix up my flower beds. IKEA even bought the company because people hired so many to pu

Put Your Kids to Work

Add a new crew to your delegation list -- your kids. My youngest, Rowan (2.5 years old) assembles his lunches, gets himself dressed, folds washcloths, clears dishes after meals, puts his clothes in the hamper, and vacuums with a Dustbuster. The crazy thing? He likes doing it. Helping out around the house also teaches him independence, hard work, and responsibility. Here are some tips for mobilizing your mini-workforce: Start small. Pick one task at a time. Show them how to do

Let Them Do it Their Way

My top tip for new moms: Don't micro-manage your partner. We've all done it -- you see them struggling with something you've done dozens of times, so start critiquing or, worst, take over. They feel unhelpful, so stop trying. If this happens regularly, you get stuck doing the brunt of the work. Worst yet, you don't have two minds actively tackling parenthood. Yes, they do it differently -- that's the beauty. Joe taught me new ways to sooth since he didn't have the crutch of b

Screen Time I Can Get Behind

I never really understood "Saturday morning cartoons" until I was a parent with kids that regularly woke up at 530 am. I'd lie in bed Chrome-casting Daniel Tiger from my phone to the living room TV. But, let's face it -- I always feel a twang of mom guilt when I wake to their zombie eyes glued to the screen. But, recently I've found videos that I love - Cosmic Kids Yoga, interactive stories paired with yoga moves. Yes, your kids can do Frozen yoga.  Or Harry Potter. Or, Star

Sleep with Me

I'm a horrible insomniac. I have no problem falling asleep but pop-up at 2 am with my mind racing a few times a week. I have tried everything: cognitive behavior therapy, aromatherapy, disconnecting at night, warm baths...seriously, everything. And then I discovered Sleep with Me, the podcast that puts you to sleep. The narrator, Dearest Scooter, manages to strike the perfect balance of having content that is interesting enough to stop you from running through your to-do-list

My Robotic Vacuum

In the vein of yesterday's email about Delete Simplify Delegate, my favorite new tool to delegate to is my robotic vacuum. Chloe has named him Audi. I bought him on a whim. I was sick of finding little bits of dirt all over my rugs. I hardly know where my normal vacuum is, let alone use it regularly. Cleaning is not a personal super power. Thank you, Audi. With the push of a button, he vacuums my rugs and cleans the mess under my kitchen table post meals. We run him everyday