Involve your kids in running the house

With now working two full-time jobs, I’ve turned housework into a family affair. Here are some ideas that are working this week: Straighten at the end of each day. Before dinner, our kids watch a TV show, but before they can, they need to clean their rooms and play spaces. That way, every day starts afresh. Find simple recipes they can make. My four year old just made family breakfast by himself (a simple french toast casserole). Chloe made pizza from scratch (including the d

Schedule Time to Worry

Something I struggle with is always worrying. It runs in my family. I remember even as a teenager my dad would check to see if we had fallen off the balcony when he couldn’t find us in the house. However, ruminating on situations is counterproductive -- it drains energy and takes you out of the present. A great hack: Schedule time to worry. When I find myself ruminating, I book 30 minutes in my calendar to “Worry about X.” This action helps me compartmentalize and immediately