What’s Your Entrance Song?

Last week I participated in the MassChallenge startup awards. It was a fun, action-packed night, punctuated by pump-you-up entrance music for each of the speakers. Just walking on stage made you feel badass. I realized I wanted to bottle up a bit of this confidence for me every day. So, I came up with my own entrance song. It’s only been a few days, but I play it on the way to work or when I need a bit of swagger. Here’s mine. What’s yours? (Please share, as I’d love to expan

Put a Bit of Pep in Your Step

Being a working mom is no joke. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. We need all the encouragement we can get. Which is why I’m in love with Kickspos— insoles for your shoes with inspirational quotes. The idea is to set an intention for the day, add the matching insoles, and literally step into your power. For me (in fundraising and sales mode), I’m continually pulling for my “Do Epic Shit” ones. Maybe your new mom friend needs the one that just reminds them to breathe

The Power of Reframe

As anyone with kids knows all too well, you cannot control the world around you. (And, you will go crazy if you try.) But, you can control your reaction. And, the easiest way to control your reaction is reframing — truly believing that the negative situation is actually good for you. Reframing puts you back in control of your emotions and life. Here are some recent examples from my life: It just started pouring right when I need to pick up the kids —> While I wait for the rai