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A Different Type of New Year's Party

Happy New Years! I'm a huge fan of early January being a great time to reflect on the past year and goal setting for the new one. Today's suggestion is to hold a completely different type of new year's party in the coming weeks that helps you do just that. Invite over some friends to reflect on the past year. You can go through some of the activities that I'm sending out this week in parallel, reporting back to each other at key moments, or you could make it more socia

What's Your Theme for 2019?

I'm a huge fan of giving each year a theme. Mine last year was "root cause", which helped me focus on solving issues versus treating symptoms. I learned that I have a dairy and gluten intolerance, which has improved my digestion, and I changed out my mattress to fix my underlying back pain. This year's theme is Self-love. I love this theme because it encompasses: being less hard on myself, making time for self-care, and most importantly, working on mindset. I want to t

Time to Make Your '19 in 2019' List

Last year, I took Gretchen Rubin's suggestion to make an 18 in 2018 list, 18 things that I would do that year, most of them fun versus chores. I ended up doing 16 of them, including huge ones like getting our backyard ready for outdoor entertaining and launching my business. Here is what I learned: Things took much longer than expected. Having the list made me start on them early, which was good. Otherwise, complex items like taking the family to meet my Great Aunt in En

How are You Different Now?

I love the New Year. It gives me an excuse to reflect on my life. And, I love the optimism of a clean slate for the year to come. Today, carve out 20-minutes to ask yourself three questions: What were your biggest wins? Bust out that ta-da list. Trust me, you deserve this pat on the back. What did 2018 teach you? Write these down How are you different than the person you were a year ago? Dig deep. Are you the person you want to be? This week, I'll offer up some advice on ho

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