Writing the Wrong

Last week, I said to write FBR (fast, bad, and wrong). I've always written these emails pretty quickly, but I would get stuck in doing fact and grammar checks at the end of each, breaking my flow. This week, I wrote all five of them straight through in 45 minutes. Yes, these drafts were bad and plenty wrong. But, my creative juices just flew saving me time and preserving energy. I bring this up again for a few reasons. First, I am learning and continually experimenting

That's Just Wrong

This one is for all you perfectionists out there. Yes, my hand is half-raised, too. Biotech engineer, Safi Bahcall recently gave a great tip to help—Write FBR. When he's working on writing, he does it Fast, Badly and Wrong. The sentences might be a mess and the initial facts wrong, but the overall story and journey are what's important. Too often we focus on the details at the cost of the big picture. Take this email. My first draft was done in 5-minutes with Safi's nam