Keep That Streak Alive

I'm a sucker for gamification. I love knowing that I have meditated for 34 days in a row. That's why I was excited to find an app that made habit tracking easy. Streak (for iPhone or Android) allows you to track daily habits easily. You just set up the habit and when you want a reminder notification. Then you can check off the habit as being done directly through the notification. The beauty is the simplicity. I can now see how many days I've made my new habit. The more

My New Favorite App

I love podcasts and audio-books. I am continually consuming content—in the car, while doing the dishes, and during my workouts. This obsession had started to get expensive. Enter Scribd. For $8.99/month, I now get unlimited access to books, audio books, and magazines. I'm obsessed. My recent listens: Open by Andre Agassi (and I don't even follow tennis) Becoming by Michelle Obama (a must for working moms) Atomic Habits by James Clear (super actionable ways to stick with th

A Free, Thoughtful Gift Idea

As most of you know, I'm obsessed with podcasts, yet I know plenty of folks who have yet to discover them. Which is why I love the Onward Project's  'Give a gift of a podcast' gift-certificate generator. It creates a custom PDF with your podcast recommendation complete with instructions on how to subscribe to it. My gift to you is the 'How I Built This.' Get inspired by Sara Blakely's Spanx creation story. She is badass. It's free. It's thoughtful. It's not more stuff. What's

6 Must-Listen to Podcasts for the Working Mom

I listen to podcasts (or Audiobooks) all the time -- while I work out, drive, cook or clean. I'm obsessed. Here is my current playlist: GirlBoss Radio with Sophia Amoruso: Sophia interviews ground-breaking women to try to create new definitions of success and extract solid advice that will both inspire and amuse you. GirlBoss is the first podcast I listen to in my queue. Happier with Gretchen Rubin: Gretchen offers small, actionable adjustments for your life to make it a litt