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Find Your Sweet Spot

Kids act as a magnifying glass on your life. If your relationship has issues, they will get worse. If you dislike your job, you will be even more unhappy when you return. I love this clarity -- it’s so much better to know you need a change than to remain for years not happy. When you find yourself in this place in your career, ask yourself three questions: What am I inspired by? What am I good at? What meets a significant need in the word? It’s the intersection of these three

Mom Hack: Hire A Virtual Assistant

How much is your time worth? $30/hour? $50/hour? More? For me, time is my most valuable resource. That's why I love my virtual assistants. In 2018, they've saved me 10 hours working on personal tasks (and 70 on business, but that's another story). Here are some recent ways they've helped: Call Verizon to reduce my bill by $20/month Book a dinner reservation at a hot restaurant that only takes them at a specific time Research presents for my niece's 1-year-old birthday Call CB

Make it easy

A couple of weeks ago, I spent five hours on a task that should have taken one. It honestly was stupid. I kept looking for the perfect, scalable tech solution for something that I was prototyping. With every passing hour, I became more agitated. As my deadline approached, I stole a page from Tim Ferris and asked: "What would this look like if it were easy?" This simple question changed my whole approach. I've started asking this regularly: At the start of every project, any t

You Can Do Anything for an Hour

I am the worst at administrative tasks. I once waited nine months to do all my expenses at work. Yep, those VP approvals were fun. That's why I'm obsessed with Gretchen Rubin's Power Hour. Once a week you designate one hour to work on all the nagging tasks that you usually put off -- scheduling non-urgent doctor appointments, donating outgrown clothes, fixing a broken chair, or sorting through bookkeeping. I block this off on my calendar and treat it as a non-negotiable. Then

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