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Take a Break (or Three!)

At work, the last thing you want to do is take a break. Your to-do list is a mile long. I get it. I've been studying productivity for years (trying everything) but put off taking regular, timed breaks. Who has the time? Last week the Pomodoro technique blew my mind: I magically accomplished more and stayed energized. Hail the power of breaks! How it works: Work in 25-minute blocks (called pomodoros). At the end of each, you take a break -- 5 minutes after the first two and

'Do You' First

Where do you fall on your priority list? We all have the best of intentions, but once the breakdowns and fire drills start, it's easy to be too exhausted to take care of yourself. That's why it's so important to 'do you' - first. Starting out with a little 'me-time' will give you the energy to give more of yourself throughout the day. So this week, wake up 15-minutes earlier for a little pre-day me-time. Here are some ideas: Savor a coffee Meditate Stretch or do sun salutatio

Very Successful People Say No to Almost Everything

As a working mom with so many people counting on you, it's hard to say that all important word - No. But, we all know we need to do it more. As Warren Buffet said, "The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say no to almost everything." Let's up your mental game around protecting your time: Understand your motivation. Is saying 'yes' more about your need to be liked versus upholding your specific values? Remember your u

Micro-self Care

Sometimes self-care can feel like yet another task on your to-do list -- usually found at the bottom. But, ultimately self-care is about not about doing more, but less -- putting in place boundaries to show that you value yourself. So pick one small action you can do every day this week. These micro-self-care actions can be done in under a minute: Lock the bathroom door. Yes, peeing in peace counts. Stretch. Stand-up and gently stretch your shoulders and back. Stretching can

Do something for Future You

It's easy as a mom to put everyone above yourself.  So, I have a new person to add to that list -- Future You. Sometimes framing nourishing activities in terms of an abstract future self is easier than being kind to ourselves in the moment. So, what can I do for Future Kari that will make her life a little bit easier? Go to bed early, so I am rested tomorrow. Wash my dishes as I use them, so I'm not stuck with a bunch at the end of the day when I'm exhausted. Make my bed. Fut

Define Your Boundaries

I used to have no boundaries. I was traveling every other week from Monday to Friday. When I was home, I was a mess -- waking up in the middle of the night, stressed, and working all hours.  Three weeks before our wedding, my now-husband turned to me and said, "We are not going to last if this continues." This changed my life, kicking off a five-year (still continuing) experiment with creating boundaries to help me live a full life.  Here is what I've learned so far: This i

Own Your Awesome

This Amy Schumer video is too true. Only 22% of compliments given from one woman to another are accepted. Most of the time, we immediately discount it (This old thing?) or distrust it (What do they want?). Why is it so hard for us to accept compliments? Women with high self-esteem reject compliments because they want to seem modest. Those with low discount compliments because they clash with their internal view of themselves. How can we Uplift each other if we don't accept it

Stop Using 'But'

Catch yourself. Are you limiting your potential with language? My coach has banned me from using 'should' because I was constantly judging myself through it. My challenge to you: Stop using 'but.' It negates and makes impossible everything that comes before it. You want to be opening up opportunities for yourself, not closing! Try this simple exercise: Take any of your excuses and replace BUT with AND. 'I want to exercise, BUT I have no time' --> 'I want to exercise, AND I ha

Take a Day of Rest

I completely burnt myself out at the end of 2017. Between starting Uplift, being a mom, and moving to a new city, I created a hamster wheel that destroyed me. I fake rested. Sitting on the couch? I was actually thinking through my unfinished chores. Meditating? Squeezed in between meetings, it really doesn't have the same effect. I broke down. One day I woke up and couldn't stop crying. I was just so tired. So, I took the last two weeks of the year to do nothing: binge watch

Sleep with Me

I'm a horrible insomniac. I have no problem falling asleep but pop-up at 2 am with my mind racing a few times a week. I have tried everything: cognitive behavior therapy, aromatherapy, disconnecting at night, warm baths...seriously, everything. And then I discovered Sleep with Me, the podcast that puts you to sleep. The narrator, Dearest Scooter, manages to strike the perfect balance of having content that is interesting enough to stop you from running through your to-do-list

You Are Enough

I struggle with a scarcity mindset: I don't have enough time, so need to overschedule my life. I'll never get to experience this chocolate cheesecake again, so I need to eat two (err...three) slices. Or, my worst gremlin...if she gets that success, it somehow belittles or prevents me from mine. I hate myself when I think this way. It is the root of the mommy wars and most of the negative elements of my life. I know I'm happiest when I help others succeed and viewing the world

Leave on a High Note

One tip that has helped make our family lives smoother is to always 'end on a high note'.  I used to eek out every second of joy out of an outing, leaving only once there was the inevitable breakdown.  Now I leave when we are all having a great time.  No breakdowns. No stress. This keeps me energized throughout the weekend. Activities with the kids leave me energized versus drained. And, let’s be honest — with two small kids, leaving on a high note is probably only cutting ou

F*ck Yeah

At Google, I ran a daily team meeting tackling the onslaught of issues arising during a critical pre-launch period.  It was depressing. We all ended the meeting looking like we’d been hit by a bus. I knew I needed to change it, so added a standing intro agenda item — “F*ck Yeahs!”  We went around the horn and shared all the great things that had happened in the past 24 hours. Everything from signing a new partner to our favorite cheese being restocked in the micro-kitchens.  

Embrace Your Monk

In my coaching, I love analogies that help you tap into values you want to tune up in your life. The one that’s made the biggest impact in my life right now is finding my ‘Monk.' I can get way too caught up in the 'doing' of life — endless to do lists and overpacked weekends.  I have calendar blocks labelled ‘down time’ and embarrassingly have even pencilled in ‘sex.' My inner-monk approaches life differently. He’s: Intentional vs. on autopilot Calm vs. frenetic Tied to a hig

Document (And Prevent) Your Stress Triggers

Here at Uplift we want to give you easy things you can implement to make your life easier and happier.  What gets tracked, gets managed. So here is a quick exercise this week to help you decrease daily stress. Step 1: For one week, document each time you are stressed and what caused it.  What struck me for my list was that 80% were things that could easily be prevented. For example, here was my list: Not being able to find my keys Having a fire-drill at work Not having a conf

We All Have Bad Days

I hate to admit this, but I have sat, crying on my bathroom floor asking myself why I became a mom.  I was exhausted, stretched too thin and dealing with a toddler melt down that broke me. I love my kids.  They are the best thing that ever happened to me on so many levels.  But, it's hard.  It's really, really hard.  Almost every mom I know has said they've had a similar moment (if not more). I am hoping that some of Uplift's tips can help reduce the frequency -- encourage yo

What Would Make Today Great?

I'm a strong believer in the power of intentions. You are more likely to have the life you want, when you reflect on what that is and how to make it happen. Every morning I spend 2 minutes asking myself (and writing down!) -- "What would make today great?" The answer varies widely - but that is what makes the question so powerful.  It helps me: Make sure there is actually something to make the day great. If the best part of my day is competing a deck for work, I need to rethi

The SOS Checklist

So, yesterday I had a horrible day.  Had frustrating experiences with co-workers that felt all-consuming.  I felt stuck in a bad mental place. My new approach to each time I feel stress or a set-back is to ask myself -- how can I use this as a time to practice what I preach? So I took out my "SOS checklist" and started practicing self-care, slowing down and looking for micro-moments to feel grateful for. I had to do around 10 of them before I felt anything click, but then it

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