Before You Post that Travel Snap

My favorite time to post on social is when I am traveling, but it’s probably the worst. If you post publicly, you are telling potential thieves that you are away.  In the UK, posting photos of your vacation can invalidate your home owner’s insurance just as if you left a window open. There are a few simple precautions you can make: Post when you get home versus while you are gone Share only privately with your friends vs. on public sites Turn off geo-tagging on your photos Do

How to Survive a Road Trip with Young Kids

Many of us will be gearing up for long drives this week, so I wanted to share some top tips for surviving long car rides with young kids. Leave really early (or late) to avoid some of the traffic. Use audiobooks to keep the whole family entertained. I genuinely loved Matilda recently. Don’t be afraid of boredom. It encourages kids (and you) to use their imagination. Reframe it. This is quality time with your kids. Tell stories, play ‘I spy’ or ask them questions you’ve al

Healthy Travel Part 2

Yesterday, I gave tips on how to eat healthy on vacation. Today are ones on acting healthy. Be active Walk. A lot. Walk whenever you can. That way, you get in movement while discovering the city. Track (to make it game-like) and try to get in 50% more than you would at home. Try some efficient workouts. Here is a list of workouts requiring no equipment, most of which can be done in 15-minutes or less. want to make them even harder, try wearing these bands. (They

How to be Healthy While Traveling and Still Have Fun

Travel used to be my health kryptonite. I used it as an excuse to abandon all my good habits. I hated coming back 5 pounds heavier. Over the past year, I've cracked healthy travel. Today's tips are about eating healthy: Stay in an Airbnb, so you can cook your own meals. We try to eat two at home and one out each day. Discover local foods at markets or the grocery store. Buy that fruit you don't recognize or that meat you have no idea how to cook. Make it an adventure with

How to Survive a 20-hour Travel Day with Young Kids

I’m writing this in the air halfway through our travel day to the south of Spain. Here are my tips on how we are surviving: Pre-flight Pack light so you can do all carry-ons to prevent any luggage issues. Once Chloe went on a nursing strike the same day that my flight was bumped overnight with my pump in a checked bag. Prevent this. by following my packing tips here. Get to the airport early. Most international ones have a play space. Get your kids to blow off steam pre

A Simple Packing Hack for Your Holiday Travel

I'm a huge packing cube fan. I hate living out of a suitcase, so this allows me to 'unpack' while still remaining packed. Plus, I find that I can usually fit close to twice the amount of stuff in a cube. Usually, each family member gets their cube, but I just heard a great hack: Pack by day, not by person. Put an outfit for Monday for everyone in one cube, then one for Tuesday and so forth. That way if you are moving locations, you can take out the cube of the day and

My Favorite 8 Family Vacation Apps and Sites

I don’t know how our parents parented without technology. I seriously can’t imagine mom-life before Amazon Prime. I feel this most when traveling. Here are my favorites: Ciaobambino is the best family vacation search engine for hotels and resorts. You can filter by kids ages and get details like how much babysitting costs and whether their pools and restaurants are kid-friendly. PackPoint creates a packing list for you based on the weather at your destination, your trip lengt

Learn from My Travel Mistakes

We had an incredible time on our recent European vacation, but even the best family vacations are challenging. Looking back, here's what I would have done differently: Bring a stroller for each kid. I'm a minimalist traveler, but I will probably bring a stroller for each kid until they are seven or so. Kid's legs get tired. Moreover, we could have extended each night by having the kids fall asleep in them while we hung out. Buy kids melatonin. It was only after 2.5 hours of t

Pack for a Family of Four without Checking Anything

My goal for Europe: pack lightly. Two adults, two kids for 10 days with just two small roller bags, two small backpacks, and my purse. Mission on. Here are my tips: Stay places with a washer and dryer. We brought half the clothes and washed along the way. Buy packing cubes. These help keep clothes organized and allow you to stuff way more in each bag. I use one for each kid and two for me. Plan to throw out. I brought old PJs, socks, underwear and sneakers that I left behind

Stress-free Family Vacation Packing

Where did the summer go? Seriously. Chloe starts kindergarten in two weeks. Over the next week, I'll be sharing some family travel tips to help you make the most of our last few weeks of summer. Today: stress-free packing. Here are some top tips: Make a digital, reusuble packing list Share with everyone on the trip, so people can add directly versus telling you. We use Google Keep. Add to it while you are on vacation! It's usually the best time to remember all the items you w

What It's All About

I am on the plane home from my favorite vacation of my life. Joe and I took the kids to Europe for a week, a whirlwind trip to Liverpool, Nice, and Geneva. No sitters. No fancy resorts. No plans. Just the four of us, discovering the world together. These moments are what being a parent is all about.  I was able to share one of my favorite activities (discovering new places) with my kids. I'll confess, we didn't see 'the sights.' I have lists of ignored recommendations. Instea