Cut Your Work Trips in Half

This week I went to Boston for a day. Instead of trying to line up other meetings for the trip, I surgically flew in for a single one. I was on an 8 am flight and back at my house by 5 pm. Looking back at the week, it hardly felt like I traveled at all. What would happen if you cut each of your upcoming work trips in half? Could you get 80% of the value in 50% of the time? What are the opportunity costs at home for being gone? If that seems hard, try it with one. You’l

Schedule Time to Worry

Something I struggle with is always worrying. It runs in my family. I remember even as a teenager my dad would check to see if we had fallen off the balcony when he couldn’t find us in the house. However, ruminating on situations is counterproductive -- it drains energy and takes you out of the present. A great hack: Schedule time to worry. When I find myself ruminating, I book 30 minutes in my calendar to “Worry about X.” This action helps me compartmentalize and immediately

Leave on a High Note

One tip that has helped make our family lives smoother is to always 'end on a high note'.  I used to eek out every second of joy out of an outing, leaving only once there was the inevitable breakdown.  Now I leave when we are all having a great time.  No breakdowns. No stress. This keeps me energized throughout the weekend. Activities with the kids leave me energized versus drained. And, let’s be honest — with two small kids, leaving on a high note is probably only cutting ou