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Both my kids made me better at my job. With my oldest, Chloe, I jumped headfirst into a new career path, moving from marketing to product management at Google. Every workday was an adventure, leading to growth, both personal and professional.

Then, with Rowan, I transformed my mindset and health—losing 45 pounds, giving away half my belongings, and adopting happy habits like meditation and gratitude.


I'm not alone. I've spoken to more than 100 women at the top of their field who have had a similar experience. It's been shown that a significant life change provides an excellent opportunity for adopting new habits since your entire life is already in flux. When you're having kids is a great time to reflect on what's working (or not) in your life.


Let’s rewrite the script on what being a working mom means.


Kari Clark, Founder

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