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A Double Whammy

For any mom feeling like you’ve been hit by a double whammy during the pandemic, we feel you.

Our 7-year-old son George was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on May 11th, and the shock of the diagnosis itself (healthy child, no family history) —  coupled with a hospital stay amid COVID-19 and seeing our son endure emergency treatment —  was definitely a trauma from which this mom’s still recovering.  

As mothers, we were already carrying too much emotional and mental load in our families before the pandemic. Isolation compounded the problem.  Time’s passed, the pandemic hasn’t eased, and now many of us face additional obstacles like loss, illness, and trauma without support.

Maybe you're feeling lonely, or like it's all too much.   We get it, and we’ve teamed up with NAMI of the Lowcountry to provide a safe space for you to vent, process, laugh and heal. To join us in discussion and healing, click here for more information.

Let’s be in this together.


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