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A new direction for Uplift

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

The world has changed. Almost everyone I know is now working remotely. Schools are closed. SXSW, March Madness, Disney . . . all cancelled or closed. Entire countries are in lockdown.

The level of disruption is unprecedented, and no one can say when it will return to something that feels more normal. As a working parent, you are now managing your team at work and your team at home — all at once.

Today we are launching Uplift Remote: training, tools and insights for managers who suddenly find themselves running a remote team. We’ve been coaching working parents for years on how to succeed in remote work, and now we’re offering our insights to all work-from-home professionals.

Uplift Remote helps newly remote managers prevent burnout, keep productivity on track and build a team culture. The system provides:

  • Proven strategies and tips

  • Customizable guides for your team

  • Tools to get quick insights on what’s working (or not)