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Are You A Buffalo Or A Cow?

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

So often our worries are worst than reality. We ruminate on all that could go wrong versus focusing on what could go right. However, not facing issues zaps your energy and uses your precious mental space. 

That's why I like Rory Vaden's analogy in his book, Take the Stairs, around how cows and buffalos handled storms where he grew up. The cows would see the storm coming and run away from the storm to find safety. Unfortunately, they could never outrun it and were in the storm a lot longer. The buffalos took the opposite approach -- they ran towards the storm, embraced the inevitable, and got through it quicker. 

What are you avoiding? What are the hard things that you know you need to do? Take a deep breath and start facing them. Ask for feedback from your manager. Have that difficult conversation with your co-worker. Analyze your finances. 

It's probably not as bad as you think, and the unknown is usually much worse than the known. You'll feel better after, trust me. 


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