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Assume this will be a while

In coaching moms, I see that one significant stressor is uncertainty. No one knows how long we are going to be in quarantine and without childcare or school.

One tip I’ve been giving is to assume this is going to be a while . . . six months or more. That way, you are pleasantly surprised versus having a new disappointment every few weeks when things get extended.

To put this in context, Microsoft has canceled all in-person events for the next 15 months. A friend who runs a hedge fund thinks we are going to be sheltering in some version for at least 18-month.

I don’t say this to scare or depress you. I say this to help you plan: What would you do differently if this is a long-term situation versus a month or two?

Buy that nicer home office set-up. Get more long-term systems in place. And, realize that this is a marathon, not a sprint. We want to see you at the finish line.


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