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Banning Busy

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

I'm a huge fan of Laura Vanderkam, who studies how professionals use and perceive their time.  In her new book, Off the Clock, (out on May 29th), she surveyed over 900 working parents about a specific Monday to learn about how they were using and perceiving time. 

The outcome: tips on how to build skills for feeling less busy and getting more done into daily life. Who doesn't want that? Avoiding the busy-trap has been a huge theme for me in 2018. I want to create space for the magic of life to happen.

She suggests a simple reframe that subjects in her study who weren't time-starved used: 

"It is easy to fall into false narratives of time poverty, but choosing to change your story from 'I’m too busy' to 'I have time for what matters to me' can make you see possibilities."

This week, let's do it together: Remove 'busy' from your vocabulary. The question is no longer, 'Do I have time?' but 'Does this matter to me?'

Let's open up some possibilities. 


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