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Break the Chain

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

The past two weeks had me slipping into some old bad habits. During Chloe's sickness, I caught up with late night working sessions. I was anxious and waking for the day at 4 AM. 

Once she got better, I didn't stop. I felt like I was on a train of work, work, work, and I didn't know how to jump off. To make things worse, my inner critic kept saying, "How can you help other moms when you can't even help yourself?"

Jeez. Dark, right? 

The good news is that the simplest of acts set me back on track. I broke the chain. I scheduled a night out with girlfriends, so it was impossible for me to work late. Cocktails at DC's hottest hotel set me on the right track. The break from work and family helped me be more strategic and do better work the next day. And, more importantly, it reconnected me to me. 

Do you relate? Can you break the chain one night this week by creating forced plans? Nothing is as permanent as it feels.

Old habits die hard, but with with this easy stress management habit hack, they don't stand a chance.


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