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Build Team You

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Becoming a parent is the most significant identity shift I ever experienced. It’s not about fitting a baby into your life, but determining what life you want to create for your family. It took me years to fully adjust to my new normal.

This week’s homework: Build your personal board of directors. Pick a handful or more of people from different aspects and stages of your life that truly know you, such as a sibling, best friend from college, and favorite manager.

Then define the cadence you want to check-in with each. An excellent first activity would have each define you in one-word or tell you a story about when you were at your best. It will be eye-opening and confidence-boosting.

You cannot do this alone, nor should you want to. Surround yourself with the people who’ve made the most impact in your life and watch it propel you forward.


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