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Calm Body, Calm Mind

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Our body and mind feed off each other. When I’m stressed, cortisol skyrockets, making my chest, neck and back tense up. It’s my body’s way of protecting me -- preparing me to fight or run.

But, I’m in no inherent danger. The cortisol just makes me more anxious. I use that energy to ruminate on my worries. Sound familiar?

Let’s break this cycle. I’ve recently fallen in love with Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR for short). Starting at the top of your head, you tense up muscle groups for 5-seconds and then release. This tension causes your muscles to completely relax and your body to stop creating stress hormones. 

As my body relaxes and no longer pumps cortisol, my mind calms. It's incredible. Here is an example that you can try out. I love it right before bed. It takes 5 minutes and helps me shed the worries of the day.


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