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Choose to be Happy

Last weekend I was a mess. I had just kicked off my Seed round of fundraising for my company, and had bought into the idea that ‘fundraising is a grind.’ I was stressed, tired, and unable to be present. Ugh.

But, get this—I changed my mindset. I chose to be happy.

  • I removed the false deadlines and undue pressure on myself.

  • I gave myself credit for all that I was learning, versus playing over my inevitable mistakes over and over in my head.

  • I flooded myself with gratitude for all the help my friends were giving with advice and intros.

  • I got excited about how many amazing people I was meeting who were helping me think through my business.

This wasn’t easy. To get there, I did a lot of journaling. A lot. But, now, I am enjoying the process.

Parenting (kinda like starting a company) is an ultra-marathon, not a sprint. How can you enjoy the ride?


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