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Create a Mental Health Shelf

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

How is your Friday looking? You survived the week. Nice one.

Today's hack: Create a mental health shelf. Designate a place in your house with items that bring you joy. Think of it as the comfort food of your stuff.

Your favorite photo. Incense reminding you of backpacking in Thailand. That book you could read (if you had the time) for the umpteenth time.

Or even make it virtual—your favorite curl-up-under-your-favorite-afghan RomCom or a Playlist of songs that bring you back to the summer of 2003.

Here are a few of mine: * Dark Materials trilogy. The books, not the movie. * Miley Cyrus's Party in the USA. It's so bad but so good. * My So-Called Life. How is there only one season?

Sometimes we all need to revel in some guilty pleasures. Relish it.    #selfcare #stress #simplification


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