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Create a Physical Token

Over the summer, Chloe presented me with a present⁠—a small box with a drawing of her inside. “To remember me while you are gone on your work trip.”  She asks me each trip if I’ve packed it. This token connects us even when apart. 

Here are a few other tactics for staying connected while you are traveling, or even just at work:

  • Create a scrapbook of photos of you together for them to look through. 

  • Give them a small token to remember you by, such as a small piece of fabric they can keep in their pocket to rub. 

  • Before you go, daydream with them what you would have done together if you could be together. You can get a lot of the reward by just imagining. 

  • Send photos to each other of small things that you think they would like. 

What are your best tips for staying connected? Would love to grow this list.  #momtips #parenting


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