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Create a Sleep Drawer

My bedside table drawer was unruly. At 4 AM, I needed a pair of headphones to listen to a back-to-sleep meditation. Couldn't find them anywhere, even though there were three pairs in the drawer.

The next morning, I decided to take a different approach. What if I turned the drawer into a shrine for sleep? I kept only my necessities: an eye mask, a drinking glass, headphones, some lotion, some lavender, my journal, and some pre-sleep supplements. I even mounted an in-drawer charger so I can put my phone away at night.

Even though my day might have been crazy, every night, I have a few moments at respite when I open this drawer and now at 4 AM, I can easily find my single pair of headphones.

Stop thinking about decluttering your entire house, just take 10 minutes and do a drawer. Mine brings me so much joy.

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