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Damnit, It's Straight Up Bias

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

One of the big goals of Uplift is to reduce bias against moms in the workforce. When women make up over half the workforce, why is only 20% of the C Suite female?

A new study out of Harvard is the most extensive study I've read on the subject, diving deep into a single company - analyzing every email and meeting schedule, even having participants wear a badge that tracked who people associated with and who dominated those conversations.

The shocking outcome: men and women behaved exactly the same, spending the same amount of time working and associating with senior management. They even received the same performance ratings, yet promotions for women were lagging.

What was different? How they were perceived. Yep, straight up bias. Previous research shows that when a man has a kid, he's seen as more responsible while a new mom is viewed as less committed.

Please help me change this perception. If you became better at your job post-kids, tell people! You can start with me. I want to begin featuring these post-kid changes in hopes of changing the narrative around working moms. Email me your story!

Ok, now take a deep breath and go tackle that day. Let's prove them wrong.  #Career #Bias


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