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Do It Your Way

When my kids get sick at school, I’m not the one they call. After never getting through to me on the first try since I’m in meetings all day, the school nurse switched the primary number to Joe, my husband. 

I mentioned this to someone at an event, and his response was, “I know a service you should try, it’s called Uplift Parents.” He didn’t get it. Kicking ass as a working mom doesn’t mean that I need to be the one called. It means defining what’s important to you (at home and work) and making that happen. 

For our family, my husband works for the government and can take sick leave to pick up our sick kids. As a founder of a startup, there is no such thing. We’ve made a conscious decision on what’s best for our family and have the structures in place to make them happen. 

Every time my husband gets called, I feel like I’m winning. I have an incredible support system, and my kids feel loved. 

What part of working-momming do you want to do your way?


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