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Don't Wait Until Retirement

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

During my first pregnancy, my dad was diagnosed with cancer and died a few weeks after Chloe’s birth. The most heartbreaking photo of this time was his retirement party. 

My dad had always idealized retirement. Work hard now, play later.  He was a workaholic (a tendency that I’m constantly fighting as well). He enjoyed life, but retirement! He planned on traveling 6 weeks a year to see grandchildren and have tons of adventures. 

Do not let retirement be your excuse to live the life you've always dreamed of.

This never happened. The year he planned to retire, he was diagnosed with cancer and died 8 months later. It was probably the most influential moment of my life. I still cry every time I think of it. I promised myself that I would live life fully now, not put off for tomorrow. This was one of the greatest gifts my dad ever gave me. 

During this time, I read Tim Ferris’s Four Hour Work Week and started incorporating his best concepts into my life: Work smarter, not harder. Focus on the 20% of your life that’s making 80% of your results. Delegate big chunks of your life. Create a flexible work life. Don’t put off life for retirement — live life now. 

Chloe was my excuse to reset. I had to leave at 5pm, so I needed to ruthlessly prioritize, focus on what I was best, and delete / delegate the rest. I started working flexibly: took mornings to hang with the kids after particularly busy times; worked from vacation spots, so evenings could be spent with fire pits and swimming. 

Take a minute to do an assessment of your life. Are you putting off life until the end of a big project? Or, until you hire that backfill? There is always going to be something. Please don’t put off life. As I saw with my dad, it’s way too short. 


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