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Double Down on Your Network

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

As a working mom, it's easy to let networking fall to the bottom (and honestly, off) your to-do list. It's so much easier to do tangible activities with deadlines. But, investing in your network, is investing in you.

Alli Young, the founder of The Forem (helps women get further, faster through workshops and coaching) recommends: "For high performing, perfectionist women, it's critical to remember that being social and fostering a network is an important part of your job. For most women, you can scale back the quality of your work 20% and focus that time on nurturing relationships."

Your network helps you:

  • Save time. Tap into it for hiring and vendor recommendations. Better yet, learn from others' mistakes. 

  • Think outside the box. People outside your industry can show you different approaches to your world. 

  • Have options. A healthy Plan B gives you the confidence to ask for negotiations or leave toxic work environments. 

  • Be energized. Human connection is powerful. Even introverts are energized by connecting with others!

One of the best parts of starting my business is that it's forced me to reconnect and build my network. Talking to people who've 'been there' has saved me over a year of mistakes and research. 

Your homework today: share an article with a contact you've neglected and book a coffee with another. It will pay dividends. 


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