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Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Today we are joined on our Instagram stories by Leah Wiseman Fink, the Founder of Classes At, which offers local parenting classes in NYC. She also wanted to share this tip for you lovely ladies.

I have a very love / hate relationship with exercise. I hate doing it, but I really love how I feel after. Besides that it's so good for my body, it's also a major part of keeping my mental health in check, especially in the winter months. (Hello, daylight savings!) I have been a member of Class Pass for a while, but according to Gretchen Rubin's categories, I'm a Rebel, which makes it a little hard for me to keep to a random schedule that I make myself. The other day, I had a small epiphany: I had invited my friend Cate to Class Pass a month ago, and she's been really into it. If I make a date to go to a spin class with her, I'll definitely have to show up, and will get part of my weekly exercise in. On Wednesday at 7 AM, we were rocking out to Rihanna a few bikes away from each other. I mouthed to her "We're doing this every week!"


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