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Fish when the fish are biting

My mom has a shore house that we visit often. My husband, Joe has tried unsuccessfully for hours fishing off the end of the pier. He’s sat there patiently in the hot sun, trying every trick in the book to get fish to bite.

The other night we heard splashing by the pier. When we got out there, we saw dozens of big fish actively eating minnows. “Joe, you need to fish at night. I mean, it would be hard not to catch a fish in these conditions.” The next night, he caught seven fish in 30-minutes.

This was eye-opening to me. How often have I tried the equivalent of fishing during the day, trying everything to make something happen?

In the age of the pandemic, we don’t have that luxury. We need to focus on opportunities that are hot. So today, do a quick evaluation. Where in your life can you stop fishing when the fish aren’t biting? This will give you time and space to see where they are.


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