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Free classes for rainy days

Now that it’s winter, my go-to entertainment of nature isn’t as reliable. The good news? So many stores offer free kid entertainment. Here is a round-up of our favorites:

  • Home depot has a monthly craft project that involves nailing and real wood on the first Saturday of every month. Make sure to register in advance

  • Lowes offers monthly building classes, usually, on the second Saturday of every month.

  • Michaels offers almost free craft classes almost every weekend.

  • Disney holds drawing classes for favorite characters every Saturday at 3pm. (3 and up)

  • Pottery Barn Kids has monthly crafting events. This month’s is on Saturday January 18, but call your store for details.

  • Lakeshore Learning has cool craft projects from 11am to 3pm every weekend, including making dancing robots and balloon-powered cars.. (3 and up)

Also, checkout your local coffee shops, libraries, and museums.

Happy entertaining!

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