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Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. No gifts. No decorating. Just friends, family, food, and football. I also love the message— give thanks.

So before you get swept up in all the cooking and wine, take some time to write down what you are thankful for right now. Get your kids to do the same. Here is what my family is grateful for:

  • Kari: All of the people who continually help me grow this business by making introductions, giving me advice, or just being rocks for me to lean on.

  • Chloe: My family. (Gotta love this girl.)

  • Rowan: Cuddles with mommy (My heart is melting.)

  • Joe: The extra quality time we’ve had as a couple over the past few weeks. (I am loving this theme.)

I’m also grateful for how close my family is and for each and every one of you.

Thanks you!.


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