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Go Ahead and Complain

I have started a small habit that has brought me great joy⁠—complaining. Not talking Joe’s ear off until he tunes me out, but complaining to people who can do something. Here are a few examples:

  • Emailing United when the wifi didn’t work on my flight before I paid for it. I got 2500 free miles. 

  • Chatting with Fresh Direct to say that their competitor is offering me free shipping, but not them. I got 6-months free delivery. 

  • Emailing the founder of a B2B company when I had a technical issue that no one could solve. The issue was solved within 45 minutes.

I write them a quick, very nice email, which takes under 1-minute. I go in with no expectations, so the positive results are a huge happiness booster, honestly making me feel like the world is a better place. 

So today, complain to someone who can fix your problem. You might be surprised and get it fixed. #momtips


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