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Have a Deload Week

I powerlift, and a key best practice is to have a ‘deload week’ every 6 weeks or so. On that week, you cut your weight and reps by 40% or so to give your body time to recover. I always try to add in some yoga and maybe a massage as well. 

I was starting out a deload week on my training when I realized, why don’t I deload the rest of my life? Why don’t I have a week where I don’t sign back on at night post-kids bedtime and don’t try to pack my schedule (both personal and work) from wall to wall?

The result? Time to think. More energy. And, a fresh perspective. 

Your body is most likely going to make you deload at some point by getting sick. You might as well exert a little control over when it is. When is your deload #health #stressmanagement #momtips


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