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How to Actually Do Meal Planning

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Today on Instagram stories, we are joined by Toby Lowenfels, a digital marketing consultant. Funny enough, she never made a full meal—with sides and all that—until post-kids. Now she runs DinnerIn20, which gives moms everywhere tips on how to easily get meals on your family's table. There is hope for us all.

Below she simplifies meal planning for all of us.

I used to dread dinnertime until I made meal planning a top priority. Every Sunday morning, I pour a generous cup of coffee, open my Google doc of saved recipes, and take a few minutes to plan our week’s dinners.

This weekly ritual has simplified our lives and you can build the same habit in 3 steps:

  • Pick the same time every week to map out your menu - When is your house the quietest?

  • Use a grocery list - There are so many apps out there, but I still write all my ingredients on the back of an old envelope or piece of a discarded coloring book

  • Be flexible - Only planning for 4 meals a week seems less daunting than trying for 7, so be honest about your family’s schedule and incorporate takeout into your plan

This way, you’ll have a master plan and a grocery list that only requires one trip to the store, which will save you from battling traffic after school. For quick recipes to throw into that plan, check out DinnerIn20.


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