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How to Empower Your Team to Make Decisions without You

As a busy founder, I’m always looking for ways to stop myself from being the bottleneck. Enter 'Even Over' statements: simple heuristics to help guide your team’s decisions without you.

These statements lay out the outcomes you want and what you are willing to give up for those. For example:

  • User growth even over revenue growth

  • Best in class customer service even over best in class product features

  • Star teams even over star players

To create yours, follow these steps:

  • Brainstorm the positive outcomes and things your team values most.

  • For each positive, get specific about the tradeoff likely required, expressed as a positive outcome, too. (e.g., A hefty profit margin even over a competitive price point). A strong 'Even Over' statement must feel like you are sacrificing something.

  • Vote and rank down to five.

Yes, this works for your team, but it also works for your family or your work-life balance. Know what you stand for even over having the freedom to wing it. #productivity #career


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