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How to Handle Conflicting Advice

I've started raising my friends and family pre-seed round for Uplift. Whenever I dive into something new, I try to talk to as many smart people on the subject as possible to jump-start my learning curve.

Unfortunately, all the advice is contradicting each other. I'm reminded of when I was a new mom. Cry it out. Co-sleep. Breastfeed. Don't. My head is swirling by the end of each day.

A simple spreadsheet has helped: One column has the name of each person, the next has the main takeaway from our conversation. Getting things on (digital) paper prevents the head swirl. In deciding what to type, I feel empowered to take the advice that I want to take and able to let go of the rest. Plus, now I have a great document of all that I'm learning.

So next time when you are facing the same, only write down the advice that really resonates with you. You know what works for you. Trust that gut,  --First Name--.

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