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How to Save 5 Minutes Every Morning

My big household project this year is to find everything a home. I've decluttered before but never finished this step, which is vital for it staying that way.

It sounds crazy, but this process is incredibly creative. It pulls on my product design skills -- I'm trying to throw out preconceived notions and ask what makes the most sense for the user (usually me).

I've started moving things to where they are most convenient instead of where they 'should' be. For example, the kids' socks now are in a bin by our front door because that's when we need them, and their toothbrushes are in our downstairs bathroom because I can't handle corralling the kids upstairs after breakfast.

These two shifts save me at least 5 minutes each morning and prevent me from running up and down the stairs. What little changes can you make in your home to make getting out the door quicker? Get creative! #momhacks #timemanagement #decluttering

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