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I Know You Will Figure This Out

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

At the start of this week, I was having a hard time. I’m leaving Google next week and self doubt crept in. My husband Joe handled the Kari stress-ball so well. He listened (without trying to solve my issues), and just added, “Kari, I know you will figure this out.”  

He struck the perfect balance between empowering and supporting me. I knew I wasn’t in this alone, but I also had someone who truly believed that I had the power to solve my own problems. 

So, I give this you. Next time you are having a hard time, remember “I know you will figure this out.” You are incredibly capable and have made it through tough times before. Trust your instincts. You will come out of this stronger (and wiser) than before. 

You’ve got this. And, we all need little reminders sometimes. 

Getting help and inspiration from the people we love could empower us beyond our imagination.


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