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I love Boxing Day

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

I love Boxing Day.  The craziness is starting to die down; the kids are completely entertained with their new toys, and I can usually just stay in my PJ's all day. 

I also love the idea of getting rid of old toys and clothes to make way for the new. Every year we go through all the old toys and make four piles: donate, trash, keep or save. The 'save' all go in a box to be rotated back in later. 'Keep' stays on the shelves. 

This year's Boxing Day was like having another Christmas.  The kids played more with their forgotten toys than their new.

De-cluttering is one of my keystone habits that creates a domino effect of good changes throughout my life. Especially now, it is so satisfying and grounding to get rid of stuff after so many weeks of indulgence. Clear house, clear mind. 

My exciting new find this year is Give Back Box.  I just put all the donations in old Amazon Prime boxes, slap on a free shipping label and get emailed an itemized list of all items donated.

Ok, now back to that cup of tea and PJs.  

 To declutter your home will help you get rid of unnecessary stuff. Including intangible clutter.


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