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I need a break

I’m exhausted. In the past few months, I’ve pivoted my business twice, homeschooled my two kids with minimal help from our support network, and then had the emotional roller coaster around race over the past two weeks. 

I know I’m not the only one and that I have it better than most. But, I’m still exhausted. 

I’m going camping this weekend to completely disconnect from work and reconnect with nature, my family and myself. I was stressing about when I would write these newsletters, as I usually write them Saturday AM. 

Then I thought about the advice I would give a client. Take a break. The world can live without these words of wisdom for a few days. And doing this might inspire many of you to do the same. 

So this week, can you? Let go of an expectation. Drop the ball. And, give yourself the break that honestly all of us need right now. 

I’ll see you in a week. 


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