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I Totally Teared Up During Frozen on Broadway

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

My in-laws gave Chloe the best birthday present - a day trip to NYC to see Frozen, the musical. A dream for a five-year-old who wears head to toe Elsa attire, including shoes. 

I extended my parts of the trip for business and took off an afternoon to join them on this adventure.  I mean, how could I miss this?

Long story short. I cried multiple times -- so happy to see her joy. She was giddy with excitement and glowed. 

As much as I love micro-moments with my kids, you can't underestimate the power of epic experiences --  the family vacations or events you 'big up' for weeks. The best part, when she looks back on this week, she'll barely remember my work travel, but will never forget seeing a real-life Olaf. 

Thanks, Mimi and Geo (grandparents extraordinary)!

BTW, she's healthy again after our Lyme disease diagnosis. The research also shows that there are no long-term effects for kids post-Lyme. Yes.

Nothing beats a quality family time.


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