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I Will Determine The Line

I struggle with the tension between having high standards for myself and self-acceptance.

Will accepting the messy current me prevent me from being my best self? But then again, how could my best self be berate myself? I don’t want to model that for Chloe.

That’s why I loved Brene Brown’s recent discussion on the Tim Ferris podcast: “I will determine the line. You will not determine the line for me. The day I reclaimed

Since we normally default to driving ourselves harder, Tim schedules time for self-acceptance.

Different types of self-acceptance.

  • Accept that something is true and then resolve to improve it

  • Macro I don’t need to change

  • Truthfully accepting what are you experiencing at the moment. You can be forgiving of what you are experiencing while still putting in place steps to improve.

  • I don’t think you can change for the better in a lasting meaningful way that isn’t driven by self-acceptance

Some ideas for this:

  • Put your hand on your heart

  • Do a self-acceptance meditation

  • Make a list of all the things you love of yourself

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