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Just my luck

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

I've recently started Will Bowen's 21-day No Complaint Challenge, in which you pledge to go 21 consecutive days without a complaint. Each time you slip up, you start over. I'm on my fourth Day 1. On average, people take four months to complete. 

My favorite part of his book on the challenge: Start using phrases such as "Just my luck!" and "This always happens to me" only when good things happen to you:

  • "The lights were timed perfectly -- this always happens to me!"

  • "No wait at the doctor's office - Just my luck!"

  • "My credit card automatically caught and fixed a duplicative charge - Of course!"

This simple shift in language helps me appreciate all the great things that happen regularly. I feel lucky. Wouldn't you know it? #mindset


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