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Let Them Do it Their Way

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

My top tip for new moms: Don't micro-manage your partner. We've all done it -- you see them struggling with something you've done dozens of times, so start critiquing or, worst, take over. They feel unhelpful, so stop trying.

If this happens regularly, you get stuck doing the brunt of the work. Worst yet, you don't have two minds actively tackling parenthood.

Yes, they do it differently -- that's the beauty. Joe taught me new ways to sooth since he didn't have the crutch of boobs. His laid-back approach balances my over-scheduled mom tendencies. We are better together.

You micro-goal: Bite your tongue next time you want to criticize something you ultimately want your partner to do.

A more significant step: Create space where your partner can parent without you: Designate a mom's night out each week or schedule a girl's weekend.

Let them do it their way. We need all the help we can get.


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